Number of fonts

Quiller is another catch from the hot metal days, another one that managed to squeeze through the fingers of both the photo-typers and digitizers of last 4 decades.

Joachim Julius Siercke’s Privat design from 1966 is now resurrected and heavily extended to be used by computer users everywhere. The original design was revived, and two whole new fonts were added to it - one with very unique swash caps and alternates, and one with many many ligatures and letter-combination ornaments.

Quiller is a cross between brush calligraphy and very casual fast handwriting. It even has a slight Arabic simulation to it. Given such traits, the addition of a swash font and a multitude of ligatures comes in very handy to keep the natural flow of the font and maintain the elegance of its spirit.

Those who like the auto-magic of OpenType’s intelligent substitution should like the fact that the OTF version is a single font with all the bells and whistles ready to go in the swash and discretionary ligatures features.

If you use the latest versions of Adobe programs, the OTF version of Quiller is highly recommended.

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