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The problem with scripts in general, and brush scripts in particular, is that the majority of them cannot be set in all-caps words or sentences. So as a rule of thumb most designers try to avoid brush scripts when they know they will be entering an all-cap zone.

But here comes Bruschetta, so you won’t need to reduce your design options. Bruschetta is a great flowing brush script that can be attractively used in upper-lower, lower-lower, or upper-upper settings. Bruschetta also has so much variety in its design features – original, funny, natural, friendly, legible, and even somewhat psychedelic – it just may be the most versatile brush script ever made.

Bruschetta also has an historical value as the revival of the Helmut Matheis’ Contact design from 1963. Why it hasn’t been digitized until this point is beyond us! So we digitized it from original specimen, expanded the character set to completion, and even added a few built-in alternates. Bruschetta’s versatility allows it to be used in a variety of applications. It is great for signage, posters, product labels, menus, book covers, and pretty much anywhere where a friendly bold brush type is needed. Get yourself a copy and show your friends and clients why the overused Choc and Cooper aren’t the last word in cool!

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