Canada Type News | April 2017

Font Updates:

-Classic Comic: By popular demand, the perennially popular Classic Comic finally got Cyrillic and Greek additions. We also added a medium weight and its counterpart italic. Alternates and magic code were fitted in as well. This ride can be as smooth or bumpy as you want it now. View Classic Comic

-Orpheus Pro: Orpheus Pro gets a brand new Medium weight. It has all the bells and whistles of the Regular and Bold: Over 1280 glyphs, ligatures and alternates galore, programmed magic, and a classic Roman elegance to wrestle lions for. View Orpheus Pro

-Teaspoon: Version 2.0 of Teaspoon sees it growing to over 800 glyphs, get serious chops in Cyrillic, Greek and Vietnamese. It also contains quite a bit of snazzy alternates and ending lowercase forms. It’s matured quite a bit, but it’s still as playful and tubular at heart. Use it big and watch appetites grow. View Teaspoon

-Rawhide: This older two-widths set has been revised and expanded to include complete Latin language support, as well as Cyrillic and Greek. Don’t mess with ’em cowboys, especially ones that hail from the European tundra and north Mediterranean. Reach to the sky, comrade Aristophanes! View Rawhide