Canada Type News | September 2014

Font Releases:

-Dokument Pro: Jim Rimmer aptly described his Dokument family as a sans serif in the vein of New Gothic that takes nothing from News Gothic. Building on that internal analysis, Dokument Pro is the thoroughly reworked and expanded of the original main set released in 2005, with different widths still in the pipeline. This new version updates Jim's work to six Pro weights and their italic counterparts, each of which takes advantage of OpenType stylistic sets to introduce different degrees of graduation from gothic to humanist. Dokument Pro is now a unique text sans family, with an adaptable personality suitable for the kind of edgy, uncompromising corporate and media typography that just tells it like it is, instead of having to resort to the common contemporary luring and baiting tactics. Dokument Pro's range of weights, styles and features (over 775 glyphs per font, built-in small caps, alternates galore, and support for over 45 Latin languages) allows for multi-application versatility and clear, precise emotional delivery. This is the kind of straight-shooter sans that should be in every designer's toolbelt. For more details on the fonts' features, text and display specimens and print tests, consult the Dokument Pro PDF available here.
View Dokument Pro

-Social Gothic: When Social Gothic first launched in 2007 as a single basic font, it became an instantant branding and advertising favourite. It saw wide use by a few fashion outlets and department stores, then soared to new heights of exposure when it became the main face for Sears and the billboard cause standard for a few charity outfits and political organizations throughout Canada's major urban centres. Social Gothic is a monocase font that combines standard sans serif elements with some distinct "wooden" shapes and oval lowercase components, to make for a totality that achieves a handmade look while maintaining a message delivery that is clean, legible, understated and easy on the eyes. It is a gothic with strongly humanist leanings, something seldom found in the sans serif genre. And now. this newly released Social Gothic family is the re-conceptualized, refined and optimized redux of the many bespoke versions that were commissioned and customized for various proprietary brands and projects over the years. The remastered set consists of four multi-script weights, rough and soft variations, and a very unique stencil treatment. Each of the Social Gothic fonts contains over 550 glyphs and supports over 45 languages. View Social Gothic

-Filmotype Athens: This font has the immediately recognizable bounce, joy, and signpainter quirkiness of many Filmotype fonts. Where it really sticks out is in how it maintains both legibility and readability while using such condensed forms, pretty much in all common uppercase, proper case, and lowercase settings. The forms are also quite malleable and take more kindly than usual to mechanical manipulation. So stretch and squeeze at will until you find the perfect fit within your layout. View Filmotype Athens

-Filmotype Hickory: Originally released to satisfy public demand for a juicier version of Filmotype Honey, Hickory is one of the most sophisticatedly built Filmotype fonts to date. Underlying the eye-catching upright lettering is a tremendous structure of 760 glyphs and contextual intelligence, allowing for on-the-fly niceties like automatic ligation, collision-avoiding form redrawing, following-form connector reshaping, case-sensitive positioning, smart swash substitution, alternates, ordinals, automatic fractions, and five kinds of figures. View Filmotype Hickory