Canada Type News | December 2013

Font Releases:

-Trump Gothic Pro: Trump Gothic is a reconception of ideas from Georg Trump's seminal 1955 Signum typeface and its later reworking (Kamene) by Czech designer Stanislav Marso. Originally cobbled together for a variety of film projects in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the Trump Gothic family was made available for the general public in 2005. Shortly thereafter, it became a common sight in movie credits, on posters and magazine covers, in fashion branding and on corporate web sites. Though countless attempts have been made to emulate it, its unique totality and attractiveness to layout designers was never really topped. Its appeal is largely due to its double-duty toolbox: An economic functionality that allows it to pack large amounts of information in small spaces, and a clear, modular aesthetic that gives it the ability to emphasize short text in large sizes, all without sacrificing legibility or giving in to dated or over-rehashed industrial gothic forms. The typeface was redrawn, refitted, optimized and greatly expanded in 2013, and the result is Trump Gothic Pro, a multiscript family of six fonts, each containing over 1020 glyphs and a wealth of OpenType features, including small caps, caps-to-small-caps, stylistic alternates, unicase/monocase alternates, fractions, ordinals, class-based kerning, and support for Latin, Cyrillic and Greek locales. View Trump Gothic Pro

-Trump Soft Pro: Trump Soft Pro is the softer, round-cornered version of Trump Gothic Pro, the popular condensed gothic seen on films, magazines, book covers and frashion brands all over the globe. Trump Soft offers a friendlier grade of the same economic functionality, clear modular aesthetic and extended character sets as Trump Gothic. View Trump Soft Pro

-Dutch Mediaeval Book ST: Dutch Mediaeval Book ST is a special version of the popular Dutch Mediaeval Book text fonts, engineered specifically for science writing. It is equipped with SciType, a combination of additional characters and OpenType programming included in the fonts to help in typesetting science text. For more information about SciType, please consult the SciType FAQ (PDF). The Dutch Mediaeval design is the historically renown one made in 1912 by S. H. de Roos. It stands out as one of the most classic Dutch text faces. This Book version comes in two weights and an italic, optimized for body copy use between 8 and 12 pt. Aside from the SciType additions, all the fonts contain OpenType features for ligatures, ordinals, automatic fractions, eight kinds of figures, and a few ornaments. For details about the functionality of Dutch Mediaeval Book ST, please consult its Access Chart (PDF). View Dutch Mediaeval Book ST

-Filmotype Leader: Our Filmotype contribution #23. Wild and speedy brush lettering resurrected from dusty film strips. Over 650 glyphs, with contextual alternates for connections, ligatures, alternates, beginning forms, five types of figures, and very extended Latin language support. The portrait of commercial lettering as tons of fun.View Leader (Filmotype)

December 2013 Note:

- 2013 has been quite a busy year for us, but it's also been a lot of fun, learning and growing. Next year looks like more of the same, so we're pretty excited about that. We hope you have a great holiday season, and all the best to you and yours for 2014.