Canada Type News | August 2013

Font Releases:

-Mauritius: Ten years or so after his unique treatment of Garalde design with Trump Mediaeval, Georg Trump took on the transitional genre with Mauritius, which was to be his last typeface. He started working on it in 1965. The Stuttgart-based Weber foundry published a pamphlet previewing it under the name Barock-Antiqua in 1967, then announced the availability of the metal types (a roman, a bold and an italic) a year later. The global printing industry was already in third gear with cold type technology, so there weren't that many takers, and Weber closed its doors after more than 140 years in business. Subsequently, Trump's swan song was unfairly overlooked by typography historians and practitioners. It never made it to film technology or scalable fonts. Thus, one of the most original text faces ever made, done by one of the most influential German type designers of the 20th century, was buried under decades of multiple technology shifts and fading records. This digital version is the result of obsessing over a great designer's final type design effort, and trying to understand the reasons behind its vanishing from typography's collective mind. While that understanding remains for the most part elusive, the creative and technical work done on these fonts produced very concrete results. All the apparent issues in the metal types were resolved, the design was expanded into a larger amily of three weights and two widths, and plenty of 21st century bells and whistles were added. View Mauritius

-Stern Pro: Originally released in 2008, Stern is the only typeface to be produced and marketed simultaneously in digital and metal. In the twenty-first century, no less. It is also the last typeface Jim Rimmer ever completed. The design is a delicate upright italic named in memory of Chris Stern, the late artist and printer from Washington State. It is now remastered and expanded to a glyphset of over 1200 characters, updated programming, and plenty of features, such as small caps, caps-to-small-caps, tall caps, historical forms, alternates, ligatures, different types of numerals, fractions, ordinals, case-sensitive forms, and language support for Greek as well as over 50 Latin languages. View Stern Pro

August 2013 Notes:

- This past Canada Day (July 1), the winners of this year's Canada Type Scholarship were announced. Congratulations to the promising four. The feature article can be seen here.

- Patrick will be participating in a font technology and licensing panel at the upcoming Typecon conference. If you happen to be around there, come up and say hi.