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Gala is the digitization of the one of the most important Italian typefaces of the twentieth century: G. da Milano’s 1935 Neon design for the Nebiolo foundry. This design’s importance is in being the predecessor - and perhaps direct ancestor - of Alessanro Butti's Microgramma, which Aldo Novarese later expanded into Eurostile. This design paved the world’s way to the gentle transitional, futuristic sans serif we now know and see everywhere. It is also one of the very first designs made by Butti, a very important figure in Italian type design. It is quite strange, not to mention unfair, that this typeface, though way ahead of its time, is rarely mentioned in type history, but one could reason that it must have been treated with disdain like much of the immediate pre-war Italian artwork, and was later filed under the more visible gems Nebiolo produced through the prolificacy of Butti and Novarese. It is too bad that historically important designs such as this one went uncredited in the later boom of geometric and techno designs of the second half of the twentieth century.

The complete Gala package contains 8 fonts: regular, bold, ombra, condensed, condensed medium, condensed bold, biline and triline.

The Gala family of fonts is the perfect accessory for your modern poster design, signage, book cover, product label, or just anything where it is good to keep the message of modernity friendly and inviting.

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